Grant alleges people illegally registered in number 4

Grant, while speaking to supporters of the party, said that there are a number of persons registered to vote in Constituency Four who are neither from nor live in that area.

He claimed that members of the ruling St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party are taking individuals from other Constituencies and registering them in St. Christopher Four as a means of ensuring that he would not be elected.

“I want to go to a serious matter…this one is really serious. This one is talking about the number of people they’re bringing in this Constituency to register them to vote against Lindsay. They’re bringing them from Dieppe Bay, they’re bringing them from Parson’s Ground, they’re bringing them from Newton Ground, they’re bringing them from St. Paul’s, they’re bringing them from Saddlers.

“And they want to do that because Denzil Douglas has already said that the people of St. Paul’s and the people of Constituency Number Six must decide who your representative in Number Four should be. You think that is right? That cannot be right!

“St. Paul’s cannot decide for Old Road who should be their representative. If you don’t want me as your representative you must decide that. You can’t let them come from St. Paul’s and Saddlers and decide that.”

Before naming the alleged illegal registrants, Grant said that none of them would be allowed to vote in his constituency on Election Day.

He called the names of eight persons and promised that “every single time I go on the platform, I’m going to call names”.

Among the names is an elderly couple whom he said resides at Camps, claiming that he had passed by their house earlier on Thursday (May 2).

He also made mention of a lady and asked the supporters present at the meeting to find out if she lives in Constituency Eight and to query her connection to the former Minister who was the Parliamentary Representative for that Constituency.

Grant called the name of a young man he claimed is a footballer residing in St. Paul’s, and also a young lady whom he said hails from Parson’s Ground and was a contestant of the SKNFA Sports Personality Pageant.

He further named a lady, alleging that she is from St. Paul’s, works as a nurse in New York but is registered to vote in Constituency Four.

Grant warned the persons whose names were revealed to stay out of Constituency Four on Election Day because he could not guarantee their safety if they go there to vote.

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