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Second VAT Reduction Day Produces Better Results

According to some entrepreneurs who spoke with, VAT Reduction Day was a great success.

It was also reported that due to the rush and the overwhelming response from customers, the regular working hours for business, 8:30 am- 4:30 pm were extended to over 2 hours.

“There was a lot of work to be done”, expressed head supervisor of Karibhanna, Carmen Byron. It required one to multi-task very well, making sure everything is running smoothly and at the same time ensuring that our customers were satisfied”, she added.

Bryon further stated that, in order to keep customers satisfied, especially in such a hectic environment, she had to improvise by ‘checking out’ items for customers who were unable to stay longer than their given luncheon period.

 “It was very well for our advantage and we saw a significant increase in revenues”, Ms. Bryon remarked.

Other businesses, however reported that  their greatest profits so far did not come from VAT Reduction Day, but other opportunities when customers were more concerned about purchasing household items,  rather than accessories and other cosmetics products. They however projected that their revenues will come from Christmas Eve sales when consumers are more inclined to purchase items for gift giving.

“Despite the few complaints from customers of lines being too long, VAT Reduction Day was indeed a success!” another supervisor exclaimed. “It’s a time for customers to maximize, take advantage of the well reduced prices, made affordable so that customers could get more for their money”, she further mentioned.


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