Green Valley Festival Ends in Downpour

After having their j’ouvert celebration cancelled earlier in the day, as a security precautionary measure, due to a shooting incident on Saturday that left one man dead, revelers were however out in their large numbers to make up for the lost opportunities of j’ouvert. Though much smaller than previous years, the fun and excitement remained at high levels, as the cavalry of mas’-makers moved its way through the town.

Police explained that it became necessary to cancel the j’ouvert, thinking it was much too soon after Saturday’s killing and perhaps concluded that there would be too much of a risk to allow the type of street jamming that is associated with such an activity.

The riot of colours and unique presentations were again on show as portrayed by the troupes such as Green Valley Ballers, Ready for Anything and Mix Me with Colours. They were  accompanied by the pulsating sounds of the Small Axe and Kollision Bands.

Other troupes participating in the parade included, Fresh Garlic Windy Island, with men dressed as women, who wowed the crowd as they changed their outfits pretty often from suitcases they each carried. Making its contribution too was the Sylvester’s Msquerade Troupe, along with Stinging Ants Clown Troupe, and the Newtown Mummies.

This year marked the 17th year of the celebration of the Green Valley Festival with the theme, “We still got it”. During Monday’s parade, despite the heavy showers that impacted the event, it was obvious that the people were determined to maximize their enjoyment.

The parade of troupes also brought down the curtains on the activities which this year had to be downgraded due to the lack of financial support. Other events included a Block Party, a Beach Bash,  and the parade of troupes.

Officials on the Green Valley Committee have however promised that next year will be bigger and better, but they took time to thank the members of the general public for their unwavering support over the years.

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