Grenada Poised to Assist Japan in Time of Need

The official is Foreign Affairs Minister, Karl Hood, who has indicated that the reassurance was conveyed to Japan’s Ambassador to Grenada and the Eastern Caribbean Ambassador Tatsuaki Iwata via telephone.

“Japan has been of assistance to Grenada in so many ways and we stand prepared to assist in whatever possible way,” the Foreign Affairs Minister said.

In extending sympathy and condolences, Hood also told the Ambassador of Grenada’s support in prayers and expressed the hope in the rescue efforts now underway to save lives.

“We pray that they will be able to handle the situation as quickly as possible, and that those in need of being rescued will soon be rescued and that stranded persons will know that there is hope,” he said.

Assistance provided by Japan to Grenada includes a multi-million-dollar Coastal Fisheries Development project which is under construction and previous construction of a fishing complex and other fishing facilities.

A number of local senior fisheries officials have also been trained in Japan.

Grenada and Japan established diplomatic ties in 1975.

(Parts of this article were written with submissions from a Caribbean360 release)

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