Guilty pleas submitted at traffic court, violators fined

Frigate Bay resident, Scott Schroeber was ordered to pay $1500 in one week or serve three months in prison for driving under the influence. Conviction on that count also led to him being disqualified from holding a driver’s licence for the next 18 months.

Schroeber pleaded guilty to other charges which are failing to provide a specimen of blood, driving without due care and attention and failing to stop at an accident scene.

The first offence drew a $500 fine to be paid within one week or in default, serve one month in prison, the second drew the same fine while on the third, he was ordered to pay $250 within one week or 14 days imprisonment. All offences were committed on 27th November 2010.

Hosea Harrigan of Conaree, for committing a 28th November 2009 offence of driving without due care and attention, was fined $300 to be paid in one day or serve one week in prison.

Cayon resident Dion Newman has one week to pay a $500 fine which he was order by the court to pay, or face a one month term of imprisonment. This was the punishment meted out by the court after he pleaded guilty to committing an offence of driving without due care and attention.

Within one week’s time, Yanick Williams of Cayon has to pay a $200 fine for driving when not covered by insurance and a $100 fine in one month for failing to keep left at a round-about. The offences were committed on 6th September 2010 and Williams faces the imposition of a custodial sentence if he fails to pay the fines within the specified time.

Keshav Tilokani of Frigate Bay, for driving without insurance, was fined $1000 which is to be paid within one week or serve one month at Her Majesty’s Prison. He also pleaded guilty to driving an unlicenced vehicle but was cautioned on that count. The offence was committed on 4th November 2010.

Jeremiah McIntosh of Old Road has four days to pay a $300 fine or serve one month in prison. This fine is his punishment for committing a 4th March 2010 offence of driving without due care and attention offence.

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