Gunman came for conman

That’s the view of Sherwin Yorke’s widow, Michaelene.

Speaking outside the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday, she said many people whom the relative “ripped off” would visit their home at Kingdom Avenue, Maturita, Arima, looking for him but was always told that the person did not live there.

She explained that the male relative was a conman who would routinely promise to pay off those from whom he bought cars but never did.

She said she was at home, in the toilet, when her husband was shot dead in bed. Around 1.40 am on Sunday, she reported that a man had entered their home and shot her husband dead.

She said she overheard the gunman saying: “We always asking for (name called) and you never know where he is. Take this for him,” before hearing gunshots.

She ran out of the house and a neighbour who was passing saw her shaking and called the police.

Yorke said her husband was the father of three and while he would argue about her spending money on plants, it was the one thing she would miss most about him. She said her husband was an eternal optimist who only saw the good in people.

In two separate and unrelated matters, two men who were killed last week have been identified as 25-year-old Ryan Liverpool and Gerome St Clair, 24.

Liverpool was shot dead on Saturday while playing slots at a casino on Green Street, Arima.

Speaking with the media outside the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday, Liverpool’s widow, Kizzy Cudjoe, said her husband was not a limer and she believed he was killed because he had recently won money at the slot machine.

Cudjoe said the father of two was “normal” and was a construction worker who did not have any enemies.

St Clair was found shot dead at Beetham Gardens, Port-of-Spain, on July 11 around 9.25 pm, after residents heard gunshots near First Street. His relatives, who were also at the centre, said they heard he may have been killed last Friday.

His mother Gillian St Clair said after giving a description to the Homicide Bureau she was told to visit the centre to identify a body.

She said she had not seen her son in months but she knew how to contact him. St Clair and her other relatives said Gerome was a CD vendor who lived at Pinto Road, Arima, and was originally from Boys Lane, D’Abadie, and they had no idea why he would be at the Beetham Gardens.

The murder toll now stands at 244 for the year while the corresponding figure for last year was 208.




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