Gunman Kills Son of Police Commissioner

Though generally St. Kitts remains a peaceful and tranquil country that is safe for both residents and visitors, recent criminal activity has given cause for Kittitians to ask, “When will it end. When will the killings cease and who will they target next?”

However, as was demonstrated on the night of Wednesday 6th April, 2011, at approximately 9:20pm, not even the son of the current Commissioner of Police, Mr. Austin Williams, was safe from the deadly and cowardly act of the gunman who used the cover of night, to ‘execute’ 27 year old Jamie Williams, aka ‘DJ Big Ship’ of Bay View Gardens, in the western part of Basseterre.

Jamie, who was described by residents, as a quiet and easy going guy, was not known to be involved in any activity that should have led to his death in this manner. They indicated that Jamie, who is a DJ, was getting all geared up for a major entertainment event in Sandy Point later this weekend, where he was to be featured as one of the top DJs.IMG_1722

As the representatives from the Jenkins Funeral Home prepared to remove the remains of young Jamie Williams from the crime scene, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ian Queeley, who  has responsibility for crime fighting,  explained to and other the media officials, that Williams received several gunshot wounds to the body. Though he did not specify the amount, some family members who were allowed to view the remains, indicated that Jamie was shot four times, some of which were in the head section.

A family member, who was allowed to view the body, said that when she looked at the victim, “He simply looked like he had fallen and hit his head, just waiting to get up. His mouth was open and filled with dirt. He was still in his working shirt from earlier.”

Another family member, in a bit of hysteria, but who also viewed the body, claimed that “they say dat dey meet him alive when dey reach” This however could not be confirmed by the officials.

The ambulance and EMS team that did arrive on the scene was actually re-routed from a traffic accident that occurred almost at the same time of the shooting, on the Kim Collins Highway. Eyewitnesses at that accident said that the ambulance had hardly arrived at the scene of the traffic accident when it immediately sped off toward Buckley’s, in response to the reported shooting. All victims from the accident however, had already been transported to the hospital by other vehicles.

IMG_1726ACP Queeley said that though the circumstances are still quite sketchy, it appears that Williams was at the time, in the yard of an abandoned property in Buckley’s Village, near to the railway tracks, just northwest of the Joseph N France Hospital, and not too far from his home in Bay view.

Queeley said that Williams was in the yard with a group of individuals, when the gunman opened fire, hitting and killing him.

The Police official said that even though no suspects are currently in custody, they have interest in a couple of persons and will be aggressively pursuing these leads.

ACP Queeley, (who is also a close friend and long time colleague of Commissioner Austin Williams, the father of the victim), used the occasion to express, on behalf of the entire Police Force, his deepest condolences and sadness over the incident. He said that the Police will do all in their powers to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Up to midnight on Wednesday, efforts were being made, both by the Police and the family, to contact Commissioner Williams who is currently overseas.

Queeley said the Police are very worried and very troubled about the recent spate of incidents and are vigorously pursuing all possible leads. In addition to Jamie William’s killing, ACP Queeley was referring to the killings on Sunday 3rd April of 15 year old Unique Browne, at the Paul Southwell Industrial Park and that of 26 year old Bijorn Richardson, the following day, on Monday 4th April, at Dorset Park.

With 3 killings in four days, this makes it the deadliest week ever in the recent history of criminal activity in St. Kitts and Nevis.

It was a scene of sadness and horror as the mother of the victim, his aunts, sisters, cousins and friends openly wept, though finding momentary comfort in each other’s arms. Just when one thought that the tears had subsided, the one year old son of Jamie and the mother of the child joined the chorous of crying family members.

But it was especially  difficult for Jamie’s mother, Laura Williams, who arrived with an entourage of supporting family and friends but broke down in an ocean of tears, falling to her knees, crying out, “Somebody please tell me something. We work so hard for our children and now this. Lord I put me trust in all you, please.”

In unison however, members of the crowd responded to Mrs. Williams, stating, “Do not put your trust in them, (the Police). Put your trust in God, don’t trust them.”

Williams responded to her friends, “Lord I do, I do.”

It was also very emotional for two female friends of Jamie, one of whom had to be administered by the EMS officers on the scene, as she cried incessantly, triggering what her friends described as her asthmatic condition.

The other female friend who arrived at the site of the killing, at approximately 9:45pm, continued her emotional outburst of tears for almost three hours continuously, before she too was eventually taken away by friends. She shouted out to the police officers, “Lord all you let me see me friend. Ah want to see me friend…me friend Jamie, don’t go leave me.” She also claimed that it was only a few hours earlier, that Jamie gave her $20.00 and told her that he wanted to see her face later. That, (Jamie) was me good friend, she said.

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