Guyana and Suriname encouraged to intensify Islamic ties

  According to an OIC press release on Thursday, “Issues related to south-south   cooperation and international and regional issues of mutual interest were   discussed during his meetings with the high authorities of Guyana.”
  In a press briefing, Ihsanoglu said Guyana’s participation in OIC as a young   aspiring nation is beneficial for both sides.
  “We do appreciate very much the multiculturalism and the peaceful coexistence   and beliefs in the country,” Ihsanoglu said.
  President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar, reaffirmed his government’s commitment   to the OIC and informed the secretary general of his government’s decision to   ratify the OIC Charter and to initiate required procedure of signing the   development agreements of the organisation.
  Suriname also promised to do the same and, according to the country’s foreign   minister, Winston Lackin, Suriname is soon going to sign seven agreements   with the OIC and ratify the new OIC Charter.
  In both Guyana and Suriname, Ihsanoglu was praised for “his relentless   efforts to introduce long needed reforms in the activities of the OIC to make   the Organization effective as well as his consistent role in encouraging the   member states to be proactive to make the best use of its potential.”
  In Suriname, he received the country’s highest civilian honour, the Order of   the Yellow Star.
  “I have noted that you have taken a positive stand on various international   issues such as helping the needy people, poverty eradication, good   governance, promoting interfaith dialogue and search for peace,” Ramotar   said.
  The meeting with the foreign minister of Guyana, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett,   concentrated more on ways and means of advancing bi-lateral cooperation   issues according to the OIC.
  And in the near future the OIC plans to open an office in the region and   Suriname has offered to host the OIC office in Paramaribo.
  Ihsanoglu visited the headquarters of the Central Islamic Organisation of   Guyana (CIOG) and was also honoured by the organization for his outstanding   role in promoting moderation and modernization in the Muslim world. At the   CIOG’s Secretariat, he met former president of Guyana Bharrat Jagdeo and   Guyana’s Middle East envoy, George Hallaq. Members of the government, Manzoor   Nadir and Irfan Ali, were also present.
  Ihsanoglu also visited the construction works of the Queenstown Masjid, the   biggest mosque to be built in the capital Georgetown.
  Both Guyana and Suriname have recognized the State of Palestine on the 1967   borders. Ramotar made reference to the people of Palestine and Syria who, he   said, deserve the rights as people elsewhere to live in dignity, and enjoy   security, freedom and independence.
  The OIC secretary general also participated in an interactive session with   members of the various faith based communities in Guyana. Some 12 different   organizations attended.
  Ihsanoglu told local religious leaders that the OIC has sponsored resolution   number 1610 in the UN General Assembly, which has been unanimously accepted   by all member states and which will in future guarantee the rights of   minorities in all countries of the world.
  This will take time but it will happen, Ihsanoglu said.





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