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Guyanese man dead in Staten Island crash

Rabindra Sawh, 45, of Jersey City, N.J., was pronounced dead at the scene following the 05:10 hrs. crash.
Sawh’s wife of 17 years, Tajwattie, who migrated with her husband from Guyana in 1984, said that she could not believe what had happened.
“I went to the hospital looking for him, thinking he was alive,” she said. “The last time I talked to him he was telling me how nice the cruise was and that next time he would take me.”
The driver, Nigel Saiboo, 45, also of Jersey City, was arrested and charged with reckless assault. A police spokeswoman said Saiboo was charged after the NYPD’s Accident Investigation Squad determined “his driving led to the death of his passenger.”
Mrs. Sawh said she did not know Saiboo personally, but that he was a friend of her husband.
Saiboo and two other passengers were sent to Richmond University Medical Center and are in stable condition. Two other passengers were transported to Staten Island University Hospital, Ocean Breeze, and are also in stable condition. Another passenger refused medical attention.)

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