Haiti PM responds to reports of forced evictions

According to Lamonthe, the Government of Haiti is committed to protecting the human rights of all Haitians.

“Since taking office, the Martelly-Lamothe government has been committed to moving our men, women and children from these camps – where people have indeed been living in subhuman conditions. We are doing everything possible to transition all persons displaced by the devastating 2010 earthquake, out of the camps and into shelter where they will be safer, and can resume their lives with some semblance of normalcy.”

The Prime Minister was responding to reports from Amnesty International of human rights violations the evictions of Haitians.

“We are doing our best to insure that 100 per cent of our people can either return to their original homes or to other safer dwellings.

This is a national imperative, especially as the hurricane season approaches and we face the prospect of yet another natural disaster. We believe that people’s human rights are being protected and guaranteed by the very process of transitioning them to safer dwellings.”

The Prime Minister reasserted that while there were private landowners who may have been responsible for evicting individuals from their property, it was emphatically not something the government endorsed.

“The administration cannot control what private landowners choose to do with their property. This is up to the judicial branch to resolve,” he said.

Recent statements from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) confirm that of the 1.5 million people displaced by the earthquake and previously living in temporary camps, nearly 80 percent have been relocated to more permanent housing through government-led programs.

Last week Amnesty International called on Haitian government officials to “thoroughly and impartially” investigate allegations that Civil Merius, a resident at a camp located in Delmas, died after being beaten by police during a protest against an arson attack on the camp.

Amnesty has called on the Haitian government to ensure that human rights are a central part of the country’s reconstruction efforts.

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