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Haiti’s Homeless Crying out for Help


Residents of the 1,300 camps that have been set up, mostly in the capital, have been complaining about the poor conditions of their lives and are urging the government to help them in their search for employment and to restore normalcy to their lives.

Citizens have also written to the International Office for Migration, expressing dissatisfaction about their situation.

It was only a few months ago that the United Nations Humanitarian Chief acknowledged the frustration of the slow pace of progress in providing solutions for those left homeless from the January 12 earthquake that also killed over 200,000 people.

The UN official admitted that slow decision-making by government and a new wave of people moving into the camps have complicated the response efforts to the crisis.

Added to the dilemma has been the delayed disbursement of millions of dollars pledged by world governments, but to date only a trickle has made its way to the island.

On Wednesday (22nd September), at his annual philanthropic summit in New York, former US President, Bill Clinton reported that the event will this year have a focus on how to best respond to natural disasters such as those seen in Haiti and Pakistan.

Clinton indicated that 17 new commitments have been made, mostly focusing on immediate and long term solutions for those affected by the disasters in Haiti, Pakistan and the Gulf of Mexico.

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