Hamilton Reserve Bank, Hometown Bank of Alexander Hamilton, Exclusively Sponsors Nevis Kite Flying Competition on Good Friday

HAMILTON RESERVE BANK (www.hrbank.com), the hometown bank of Alexander Hamilton, announces exclusive sponsorship of the annual Nevis Kite flying competition in the Covid-free Nevis, organized by the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) government.

Hamilton Reserve Bank lends its support to the local community as part of the Bank’s longstanding Diversity and Community Enrichment program.

The Nevis Kite Flying event will take place on Good Friday, April 2nd. Historically, many residents and families participate in the annual event. During the Covid pandemic, St. Kitts & Nevis has maintained Covid-free due to prudent government policies.

Hamilton Reserve Bank combines powerful modern banking with the cherished values of Alexander Hamilton, a Founding Father of America. As the largest global bank in the entire region with worldwide customers, Hamilton Reserve Bank has a “fortress” balance sheet, pristine regulatory history, and a rapidly expanding customer base from more than 150 countries, delivering efficient services in 10 different currencies to clients that include large institutions, individuals, businesses, and ultra-high-net-worth family offices seeking reliable banking and investment solutions.

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