Harris charges that PM comments could compromise fire investigation

Leader of the People’s Labour Party, PLP, and the designated leader of a coalition of opposition parties, Dr. Timothy Harris, said in a statement late Wednesday, 8th January, “In my view, the minority leader’s reckless and cavalier handling of this matter has compromised the investigation into these fire incidents and this is regrettable.”

Harris advances the position that “It is unfortunate and regrettable that the illegitimate Prime Minister Denzil Douglas, who finds himself without a constitutional basis to govern this country, has used the disastrous fire at the Embassy of the Republic of Venezuela and the office of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Basseterre, to blame the law abiding Opposition movement in this country.”

The touted Team Unity leader said that instead of apportioning blame where there is no evidence to support such allegation, “The tragic fires of Sunday should have been used as an occasion for national cohesiveness and unity of efforts to stamp out all acts of violence in our Federation.”

In rather harsh and dismissive tone, Harris continued his criticism by saying, “The minority leader’s insertion of political venom into a very serious situation at this time is clearly a calculated and mischievous effort to tarnish Team Unity without evidence.”

Instead, continued Harris,   “…they were used sadly to further divide our people and to insert old tribal politics into a very serious matter. This speaks to the desperate mindset of a political leader who at present presides over the systematic demise of our democracy, the erosion of our human and civil rights and the ushering in of ruthless dictatorial rule in this country.”

Harris also said that some Kittitians and Nevisians have seen the Prime Minister’s comments and accusations as “…a sinister attempt to silence the voices of the large majority of the people of this country.” He said that nationals also ‘fear that it is part of a ‘diabolic plot’ by Douglas to use this serious incident to manipulate the police into denying our citizens their rights to assemble and organize.”

“I, like everyone else, want to know who or what is really responsible for those fires.  But if we are to be assured of the reliability of the findings and outcomes of any investigation, such inquiry must, from the very start, be impartially and professionally conducted and must never be directed from the Office of the Prime Minister. Politics should never play a role in our response to national tragedies,” suggested Dr. Harris.







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