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Harris Inspired by Young Farmers

A passionate Dr. Harris said that when he interacts with farmers whose hearts and minds are in farming, he knows we can do better in agriculture, and give more hope to young people in agriculture. He added that he gets inspired to campaign for equitable resources to improve the lives of these farmers. 

It was Harris’ view that, “When you see our agro processors pride and confidence in their jams, jellies, sauces, juices, and wines, I know that the Kittitian Pride brand can work and must be promoted and supported first and foremost by our people who must demand local products and eat as much of what we grow.  Our local brands must be available in our hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, bars, etc.  Our leaders in government, in our churches, and our captains of industry and commerce must stand as one in supporting our people and our country. Our people, whether they are farmers, fishers, agro processors, manufacturers, workers, always must be first and our country foremost.  Every successful country as the USA, China, UK, Brazil, etc has applied that guiding principle.” 

Dr. Harris concluded by saying that  after meeting a young group called St Kitts and Nevis Agriculture National Youth Forum he knows that the ministry has to develop the sector to a higher level. 

“We can work together for each other’s success and we will,” Harris said.

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