Harris Inspires Nevis Teachers to Strive for Excellence

Harris, on Friday, 29th October, delivered a stirring address to hundreds of teachers gathered for Professional Development Day, in Nevis.

As the keynote speaker, the Minister told teachers and administrators that education must be the federations first social priority.  He said that every successful nation has had to make investments in their education sector and our Federation can do no less.

Harris lauded teachers who he said many times go beyond the call of duty to hone and mould children, give them hope and confidence in themselves when parents, family and other agencies in society fail them.

He also called on society to appreciate that teachers are human beings first, with wants, needs, prejudices, and they too have psychological needs to be satisfied.  They need to feel that their contribution is being appreciated and valued.

Premier Joseph Parry and Mrs Lornette Queeley-Connor, Principal Education Officer, were among the list of dignitaries who addressed the gathering.

In the presence of hundreds of teachers, two retired educators, Mr Vincent Adams and Mrs. Brenda Huggins were honoured for their exemplary work

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