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Harris takes swipe at Nisbett for NRP’s Position

Harris has alleged that for Nisbett, it is all “about him”, all about being call a Minister and going to meetings, while at those meetings Harris disclosed, he Nisbett will be “asleep” and not aware of what is happening around him.

“It is all about personal self aggrandizement, not about the people of Nevis and that is why he could stand by in a Cabinet, bowing his head when the politicians determined that National Bank would sabotage the efforts of the Nevis Island Administration.”

He continued his accusation by staying “That National Bank used its power to force the NIA to enter into a land for debt swap deal. That is why he stood there not defending, not representing the people of Nevis when they had the sinister plan to embarrass the people of Nevis by bouncing their cheques, by dishonouring their cheque(s).”

Further, Dr. Harris questioned Nisbett’s representation of the people of Nevis and his constituency, in the Federal Cabinet.

Based on those allegations, he indicated that those were grounds for the people of the sister isle to reject Patrice Nisbett at the upcoming election.

These comments were made on Sugar City radio on Tuesday 23rd December, but Harris did not provide any evidence to substantiate his allegations.

He noted that the founding members of the Nevis Reformation Party must be weeping in their graves to see the party which they created, stand with the very people to whom they fought against.

“You stay by in a federal Cabinet and parliament and allow the outgoing leader Douglas to master mind and to manipulate the membership of the board to hurt your people and you, a man from Nevis, can’t stand-up and say something.”

According to the Constituency Number Seven Representative, because Nisbett is “standing with Douglas, Nevis (is) not getting anything,” even with grants from international agencies, Harris said.

“So when the SIDF resources are to be shared on a pro rata basis little or nothing for Nevis, when the European Union resources are to be shared little or nothing for Nevis.



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