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Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant on Track


Chairman of the Haynes Smith Organizing Committee, Mr. Antonio Maynard says his team is now fully engaged in the preparatory work, to ensure that the 31st Anniversary of the contest will be another crowd pleasing and memorable undertaking. 

The contest is scheduled to take place on Thursday 30th December. 

“The Haynes Smith Youth Club is working very hard make sure that we even bypass our high standards from previous shows. Plans are progressing smoothly and everything is falling into place nicely. We have some very exciting entertainment packages for this year’s pageant”, remarked Maynard. 

The Chairman said that the names of the contestants and the countries being represented   will be announced shortly. 

He confirmed that the names will be released on the committee’s social network, Facebook, as well as the pageant’s official website at

Much appreciation and thanks are being extended to the longstanding title sponsor, Digicel, whose partnership will be renewed at an official public presentation of their package during the launch of the pageant later this month. 

We are fortunate and delighted to announce that for the sixth year, Digicel will be partnering with us again this year, Mr. Maynard said. 

According to him, the pageant next month could see a total of at least twelve girls vying for the crown. 

“Usually we chose to just invite ten but we believe that the numbers might increase this year. So we are working out all the different negotiations in making sure that we get the right numbers, but we might get at least twelve (12) this year, because the interest is very high”, stated the pageant committee chairman. 

Mr. Maynard highlighted that a Franchise Holder Contract has been introduced this year which is designed to strengthen the relationship of the franchise holders in the different participating countries. 

Speaking more to specifics of the franchise holder document, Maynard explained, “We have outlined some clear responsibilities for the franchise holders, so that they could know what is expected of them and what is expected from us as the organizers and so this is a good development for the way forward”. 

The franchise holder here in the Federation is the St. Kitts & Nevis National Carnival Committee.

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