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He shot me!

“But he shot me! He shot me!”

Blackman, the notorious Super Centre Limited ham thief with theft convictions dating back 30 years, was reacting in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday, after confessing to stealing four Farmers Choice hams, kicking down a door, slashing at the supermarket’s chief of security and then trying to escape on a knee that had just taken a bullet.

However, there were no looks or expressions of surprise when the court told him he would be spending three consecutive nine-month sentences for the offences.

The 52-year-old of Indian Ground, St Peter, had been charged with stealing the four hams, worth $309, which belonged to Super Centre; damaging the supermarket’s door to the tune of $1 000 and assaulting chief of security Fred Forde in an attempt to prevent his lawful apprehension last Monday.


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