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Head of police information unit Steve Brown summoned in Kartel trial

Justice Campbell issued the order after attorney defence Tom Tavares-Finson complained that the wording of the release which was carried in the media was prejudicial to the case involving Kartel and his four co accused.

Tavares-Finson raised the issue Monday regarding a story that said attempts were made to firebomb the house of a witness in a court case. Tavares-Finson took issue with the wording “high profile court case” in the CCU release arguing that it could prejudice the case.

Justice Campbell in a similar incident in January sent a message to DSP Brown warning him to be careful of the information released through the police information unit.

The offending release at that time said that the guest list at a hotel where a witness in a court case was staying was stolen, presumably by associates of the accused. Tavares Finson then had insisted that both the Commissioner of Police and Brown be summoned to court and warned in person. However Justice Campbell said that was need to have the policemen in court.

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