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Heavy rains cause flooding, evacuations in Trinidad

The early morning rains were accompanied by lightning and thunder and many areas in Diego Martin and Petit Valley and surrounding areas were under several feet of water.

Chief executive officer at the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM), Dr. Stephen Ramroop told reporters several areas have been affected by floods.

“It is not as bad as last year but,  still water is …very high and the MP in the area reported to me that in one house the water is up to people’s head,” he said.

At least two people were killed and several million dollars in damages were reported last year when floods caused widespread damage in West Trinidad.

Ramroop said there have been several evacuations

“We have had 77 calls from residents and we have had to evacuate at least eight or nine homes, up to this time. There is an old people’s home that we have had to assist residents and move them to higher grounds”.

The Meteorological Office here said that the rains were associated with a low level convergence and that while there would be intermittent showers, some “heavy and thundery” during the day, causing street and flash flooding, the weather should improve significantly during the course of the day.

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