Help to come from Federal Government after Treasury fire

Speaking on his weekly radio program, on Tuesday, (21st January, 2014), Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. Denzil Douglas reminded the public that it was earlier this month that he made known his desire to work closely with the island government to help in the advancement of the territory and the country (St. Kitts and Nevis) generally. He said he was also pleased that Premier Amory, in response to his invitation, also stated that it was his intention to have closer relations, at the government to government level, saying that it was critical if the work of the people is to be executed as required.

Amory had also indicated that collaboration was always something that he had lobbied for with the federal administration, but he was equally careful to explain that this in no way is a change in his party’s resolve to work with PAM and the PLP as a united opposition.

Dr. Douglas stated that given the destruction caused by the fire, Premier Amory can be assured that the federal government will do all within its power to expedite a return to normalcy where the functioning of the Nevis Treasury is concerned.

He said that he also hoped that the people of Nevis will remain calm and focused as they have always been.

The Prime Minister however did not disclose exactly what type of assistance will be provided or when the Island Administration in Charlestown would see the realization of the commitment but at the same time he did indicate that urgency was required.

When the fire struck in the early hours of Friday 17th January, 2014, it also destroyed the offices for the Philatelic Bureau and the VAT department. Damage was also caused to the nearby facilities of the Inland Revenue Department.

The island government has since secured temporary facilities in the capital to re-launch the services of the Treasury Department and have promised that within a matter of days more progress will be made to other departments.

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