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Helping to Fight Cancer with Colon Hydro Therapy

The small business which is known as Azure Body Care is specialized in removing accumulated body waste from the colon, to help prevent constipation, while also delivering many other associated benefits. 
Manager and owner of Azure Body Care, Mrs. Shermel Hamilton, told that the procedure is referred to as Colon Hydro Therapy or Colonics and is usually pursued by clients who are seeking certain health gains. 
Hamilton explained that Colon Hydro Therapy is a very simple alternative medicine technique that helps to clean the colon. It involves a number of sessions during which toxins and other waste are removed from the body. In other words, it’s a process to clean our colon of all the waste that accumulates over a period of time, said Hamilton. 
It leads to overall healthier conditions, and it cleans the walls of the large intestines. Studies have shown that this procedure has led to weight loss in some clients, while others have said that it makes their body feel lighter. It is sometimes used as a preventative measure against some illnesses, such as colon cancer. 
Studies have also shown that it helps to relieve pain in the body, such as abdominal, headaches, back pain and shoulder pain. 
Mrs. Hamilton was however quick to point out that Colon Hydro Therapy is not a surgery, nor does it have to be performed by a doctor. It is however carried out by carefully trained hydro therapists. Hamilton herself received her training at the Fenomen Health Facility, Toronto, Canada and has also had previous work experience at a similar facility to the one she has just established. 
It is a simple in office procedure with minimal risks. “However, we do not advise this procedure for pregnant women; people with cancer, people with hemorrhoids and also those who may have recently had surgery. We do also recommend that our clients consult their family doctors, for any advice or guidance they may need,” stated Mrs. Hamilton. 
When asked what the procedure was like Hamilton explained that, “This is a very simple procedure that is done at my office located at Godwin Estate, and does not require hospitalization. What we do, is use a tube that is connected to the client’s body, and this tube is filled with water that passes through the colon, cleaning the colon and extracting the toxins and the waste found there. We do massage the colon of the client (their stomach area), to help breakdown the waste so that the flow outward is much easier.”
She added, “The frequency of the procedure is dependent on the client and their condition. We do recommend three sessions however, for greater results. This helps to remove more of the toxins and also leads to a much healthier body.  The overall results are based on the objectives of each client; what it is they want to accomplish. It takes approximately 45 minutes.” As Hamilton reminded, ‘the ABC of body care’, begins first with the colon. 
So far the list of clientele has been steadily growing as more people in St. Kitts and Nevis, both male and female, take the opportunity to use the procedure as part of their healthier lifestyle practices. Clients, (not patients), if required are offered free transportation to and from the office in Godwin Estate. 
For more information about the procedure and appointments, clients may contact Azure Body Care, at 1 869 762 4848. Hamilton also indicated that a dedicated Facebook page will soon be created for easier access by clients. 

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