Herbert Foundation Continues to Feed the Poor

This lack of publicity however, has not deterred the effort of the management of Quality Trading Supplies, organizers of the monthly charity lunch.

Desmond Herbert owner of Quality Trading Supplies and founder of the Desmond Herbert Foundation has been the organizer a special lunch for hundreds of impoverished individuals every last Wednesday in each month since around 2009.

In an exclusive interview with Miyvue.com during the January’s edition of the lunch, Herbert stated, “We do a feeding program on every last Wednesday of the month, courtesy of Desmond Herbert foundation”

The foundation Herbert said has a mantra which goes, “Feed a child shelter a child for a brighter tomorrow” but he explained that the foundation assists adults as well.

When asked about his motivation for organising the feeding programme Herbert stated “Our motivation is to reach and to help every less fortunate person within the communities.”

He also stated that the initiative started around the year 2009 and caters for about 200 persons here at the site but also caters for approximately another 300 across the island and he revealed that they have special vans to make distribution.sfj

Herbert also said that despite being generally satisfied with how the feeding programme is going, he stated that their clothes distribution program which he said has a depot in Irish Town could use some assistance.

Herbert also disclosed that the food for the programme is prepared by the foundation and also by the volunteers who come around to help out and that clothes are received by various contributors on the island.

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