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Hillary Clinton Hospitalized

Clinton was admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday night, so that her treatment team could monitor how she handles the anti-coagulant medication that’s been prescribed to deal with the clot.

Doctors discovered the blood clot in a follow-up exam for the concussion she suffered just over two weeks ago. Conservatives said that Hillary was faking the injury and her subsequent absence so that she wouldn’t have to testify about the Benghazi attack, but maybe they’ll be a little more understanding now that the former First Lady is back in the hospital, where doctors are taking care of the clots as well as “including other issues associated with her concussion,” to quote Clinton’s spokesperson Philippe Reines.

Clinton had been all set to return to work after having been gone since mid-December, when she bumped her head. The concussion came after Clinton had been sick for a number of days with the flu, an ailment that prevented her from formally recognizing the Syrian Opposition Council. That led to dehydration which led to her fainting which somehow caused a concussion which has now led to a blood clot. So we’ll go ahead and say it: Hillary Clinton is not in good health. Thankfully, she’ll soon have time to recover properly — and privately.

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