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Hobson Enterprises Donates to SCASPA Sports Club

Vice President of the Club, Julian ‘King Balang’ Morton, while speaking with, said the donation was made sometime during the ending of last month (May) and was in the amount of $1000.

He said that some 18 members of the SCASPA Sports Club returned to the island on Tuesday, 14th June 2011, having travelled to Tobago for the 2011 Association of Sports and Cultural Clubs of Caribbean Port Authorities Sports Meet over the Whit weekend.

Team SCASPA met with other represented clubs from across the region to participate in the event and according to Morton, in order to encourage camaraderie and sportsmanship, all were placed into four houses: blue, yellow, red and green.

Vice President Morton told that the donation was used to promote uniformity amongst the members of the SCASPA Sports Club, through the purchase of t-shirts which each member wore when they travelled from their homeland to Tobago.

The shirts, this publication understands, are blue and each bear the name “Hobson Enterprises” on the back with the words “SCASPA Sports Club” printed across the left breast portion.

“We are very grateful for the sponsorship that Hobson Enterprises gave to us. We appreciate the sponsorship especially in these times of economic hardship,” Morton expressed. He further noted that the fact that Hobson Enterprises has contributed to the livening of the social atmosphere at SCASPA speaks volumes.



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