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Home Support Gave Me Confidence- Says Caribbean Teen Queen

Following her triumph on Thursday evening, 29th December, 2011, Ms. Phipps stated” I was very happy seeing that I had the home support that gave me a little extra boost of confidence.”

When asked about how she felt after achieving victory Siobhan said, “Words cannot express how I am feeling right now.  It was a really hard struggle. I practiced really hard so I guess the hard work paid off.”

Siobhan also added, “I felt that my talent was my strongest segment, because it was what I really practiced the hardest for, because it was a talented teen contest.”

My weakest segment was the interview because that was the only segment that I didn’t win

Siobhan said that she would like to appeal to young girls, not to enter pageantry to be glamorous or to be in the spotlight, but to use it to find the life skills involved in it

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