Homes suffered greatest Gonzalo damage, report says

The 25-page document, compiled by Disaster District Coordinators, states “private dwellings among the underprivileged” suffered $10 million in damage.

In St George Constituency, a total of 43 homes sustained damage to their roofs, and other areas, to include furnishings.

Seventeen homes were damaged in St Mary’s South, while in St John’s Rural West, 19 homes had roof damage.

Homes in St Mary’s North, St Peter, St John’s Rural East, All Saints East and All Saints West were also affected in the October 13 storm, which packed maximum sustained winds of 56 miles per hour.

The preliminary report estimates the damage to government buildings to be about $7.5million, while the agriculture sector suffered $4.65 million dollars in damage to the extension division, fisheries and plant protection units.


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