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Hon. Eugene Hamilton culminates successful anniversary week of activities with Church Service at St.Peter’s Anglican Church

As part of the celebrations for the week Mr. Hamilton recognized the new centenarian in the St. Peter’s area, Ms. Ina Bass. During the week he visited with many families and households  in each segment of his constituency, assisting with matters of concern to those who needed his advice and later led constituents to march in support of a Motion of No Confidence in Prime Minister Douglas. During the week Mr. Hamilton and his team engaged youngsters from Cayon, Keys, St.Peter’s and Conaree in registering as voters for the upcoming General Elections and succeeded in getting almost 30 registrants to support him and PAM.

At a public meeting in Sandy Point on Thursday Mr. Hamilton addressed the theme “Each moment of Life is like a drop of water” as he expressed the vision that is needed to see our Federation as it should be and not as it is today. He called for visionary leadership that would empower all citizens so that each may realize financial independence. At the rally on Friday Mr. Hamilton who was the first speaker pointed out that our Nation must rid itself of the weasel-like mentality that is eating away at the very fabric of unity and good governance and he encouraged listeners to embrace the concept of inclusivity and unity in the governance structure over the near term.

As the week wound up last Sunday at the St. Peter’s Anglican Church, the attendance appeared to be an expression of confidence in the leadership of People’s Action Movement. Mr. Hamilton was accompanied by his two parliamentary colleagues Hon. Shawn Richards, Party Leader and Hon. Vincent Byron, Senator. Canon Isaiah Phillip blessed and laid hands on the Constituency Representative wishing him wisdom in his service to his constituents and to his country.

Hon. Eugene Hamilton was elected on January 25th 2010 and is now embarking on his fourth year as the Parliamentary Representative of Constituency #8.

Re-printed from Democrat Newspaper


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