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Horsemeat scandal: Spanghero licence ban partially lifted

The firm will be allowed to produce minced meat, sausages and ready-to-eat meals, but not to stock frozen meat.

Last week France suspended Spanghero’s licence, accusing the firm of knowingly selling horsemeat labelled as beef. The company denies the allegation.

Full details of the probe will be revealed on Friday.

“On the basis of inquiry results presented to me this morning, I have decided to restore the licence for ready-meals, minced meat and sausages,” Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll said on Monday.

“At this point, 80% of the entire meat stock have been verified, the work continues for the remaining 20%. The full report will be published on Friday.”

France earlier said there were solid reasons to believe that Spanghero had passed off horsemeat in meals labelled beef but that unwitting workers should not be penalised.

The widening scandal over mislabelled horsemeat has affected at least 12 European countries.

Reprinted from BBcnews

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