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Horsford’s Increases Rewards for Customers


“The hugely popular coupon promotion has been running since June of this year and due to the overwhelming positive response from our valued hire purchase customers, Horsford’s again has consented to double the rewards during the months of October to December,” said Wallis Wilkin of the Horsfords Group.


In addition to the double Cash Back Coupons for even more free groceries for every hire purchase, Horsford’s Furniture and Appliances Showrooms offer each hire purchase customer a chance with every $100 spent to win their choice of a Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room sets or Kitchen Appliances package.


They also offer no down payment, easy credit terms, very low weekly payments, free delivery and installation and no paymment until February 2012.


Customers are encouraged to go early and take advantage of the fantastic deals and avoid the Christmas rush. This was emphasized by Wallis Wilkin of the Horsfords Group.


“We often get persons who wait until close to Christmas to make their purchases. However we want to impress upon all shoppers and in particular those traditional late comers the need to shop early so as to take advantage of a wider selection of items,” said Wilkin. “The no down payment until February 2012 is good for persons purchasing items in October thru December,” Wilkin continued.

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