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Haitian President Hospitalised

Merlo confirmed that President Martelly had flown to Miami on Monday on the advice of a doctor after he experienced chest pains and is now recovering in hospital.

Health officials said that the blood clot was a side effect of an operation he had two weeks ago on his right shoulder.

Meanwhile, as the Martelly recuperates in hospital, lawmakers were dealing with a situation where several members of Haiti’s disbanded army, some of whom carried guns, entered the premises of Parliament as deputies met to discuss the approval of a prime minister.

“These guys caused a panic.  The government needs to take action before this gets worse,” warned Deputy Johnson Dieujuste on a local radio station.

The soldiers who arrived by busloads, said they learned of a plan by the minister of justice to use specialised members of the police to remove them from former military bases they now occupy throughout the country. They were opposed to the move, and wanted to speak with parliamentarians.

President of the chamber of deputies, Levaillant Louis-Jeune,said “they were well-equipped and kept pressuring the deputies to go fast with the designated prime minister’s” ratification.

But despite the commotion, the men left without incident.

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