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House Cancelled for Today Due to Illness of Speaker

The House was due to resume at 10:00am Friday morning to debate on a controversial Bill to increase the number of senators in the National Assembly.

In a brief statement read on the government owned ZIZ Radio, around midday today (Friday), Press Secretary Erasmus Williams informed the nation that the clerk of the House, “not too long ago” informed the Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas, the Deputy Speaker and Leader of Government Business in the House, Mr. Sam Condor and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Mark Brantley, that the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Curtis Martin had reported that he was unwell and was therefore not able to attend parliament today.

As a consequence, the meeting of the National Assembly that was planned, has therefore been postponed, but will most likely not take place again this week.

No indication was given as to the nature of illness of the Speaker or how serious it may be. No indication was also given as to when the House may resume.

However, given the recent political developments taking place within the country, it was widely believed that the Bill would have been defeated, with the possibility of two members of parliament on the government side, joining the five opposition members, to defeat the planned legislation that many political operatives believe is only designed to buffer the Prime Minister’s loyal support in the law-making body.

It is a well-known fact that the Prime Minister and his two most senior ministers and Cabinet members have not been getting along and they have actually spoken out against measures being pursued by the Prime Minister; the latest being a land swap for debt agreement.

Also, the two ministers are widely believed to be supportive of a Resolution of No Confidence in the Prime Minister and his government which is due to be introduced in the Assembly when the House convenes on Tuesday 11th December.

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