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Chávez back to Cuba

However, he took a few minutes to refer to the opposition. “They are not going to win the election on October 7. Never again will they make it, no matter what they try, no matter what they do. (…) We are heading to October 7, and it will be a memorable beat down.”

The president stated he would return to Venezuela on either Holy Wednesday or Thursday, after five radiotherapy sessions. “I have faith that the incubating threat in my body will not return. (…) I hold on to Christ. It’s not time to die, it’s time to live,” said Chávez in a broadcast that of over two hours long. The president returned from Cuba last Wednesday’s night and left to continue therapy.

In his message, Chávez issued warnings against the banking sector, transnational companies and police agencies established in the states run by opposition governors. He recounted how he took over the Metropolitan Police and threatened to act likewise . “If I had to do it again and they gave me reasons to do so, rest assured, I will not hesitate, for I need to ensure the country peace.”

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