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Human resource development: Development Bank lauds CFB College

Loans Management Unit manager at the Development Bank, Mr David Fox, said that the internship programme offered by the CFB College, where students are sent to various workplaces for practical exposure is a step in the right direction and the bank was honoured to have been selected to offer a six-week attachment to two students.

Two associate degree students in the Applied Arts, Office Administration and Management Division, Ms Tonica Williams and Ms Nadia Maynard were attached with the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis in the period March 12 to April 20, 2012.

“I think it is an excellent initiative being undertaken by the college,” said Mr Fox. “The Development Bank is quite pleased to partner with the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College to be able to make its contribution to the development of our young people.”

The two students were exposed to the Loans Management Unit, Administration, Accounts and Finance, and the MIS Departments in the six weeks they served at the bank. According to Mr Fox, the Development Bank is happy to have had the students participating in activities that would be a part of their future once they enter the workplace.

“Our findings are that they were quite mature, and they caught on quite well,” said Mr Fox. “We are quite satisfied that they are going to be useful to any employers who would happen to employ them. The experience gained here will benefit them greatly in their jobs whenever they become employed.”

The Development Bank has the most elaborate and attractive Student Loans Programme in the Federation, and according to Mr Fox, “We have students who are attending the CFB College who have accessed student loans. The bank has an interest in their success because it has granted loans to assist some persons who are doing their studies at the CFBC.

Ms Tonica Williams graduated from the Charles E. Mills High School in 2010 and joined the CFB College immediately. However, Ms Nadia Maynard graduated from the Washington Archibald High School in 2005 and entered the workplace and has worked for several organisations. She joined the CFB College in September 2010

Ms Maynard is currently an executive assistant at Alpha and Omega Security Solutions, and reports to work when she does not have classes. Asked why she joined the CFB College even with a job, she said: “I would have realised that you wouldn’t gain full benefits or be placed in proper position unless you have had a certain level of education, so I decided to go to the college.”

The two students said that the experience gained at the Development Bank would come in handy as they prepare to sit their final exams. Both reported that they were treated well by the staff at the bank and would love to work at the Development Bank once they are through with their course at the CFBC.


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