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I am the “Carnival Boss”, so “What you Gonna Do”

But in the end, after two rounds of groovy and power renditions, it was a the duo who have been known to be hosts of a local popular television programme, PEP TV, that stole the imagination of the judges and won their approval to be crown winners.

With many already deeming his song to be the hottest for carnival so far, Mr Bagnal cemented his authority Friday night when he was crown Groovy Soca Monarch with his song simply titled, “Carnival Boss”. And the boss indeed he was Friday night delivering an outstanding all-round performance to sailing past all other contenders, including the highly popular Mr. Mention of the Nu Vybz Band, who had to settle for First Runner-up, or second place.

Bagnal picked up a whopping 270 points to be crowned Groovy Soca Monarch, leaving Mr. Mention some 40 points behind and with no chance of gaining ground, with his 230 points. Second Runner-up or third was Delly Ranks on226 points, just 4 short of Mention. Delly Ranks was the defending Monarch and earlier in the day he had expressed much confidence of victory but this was not to be.

Other competitors in this category were Fantastic Tunda (218), Richie Buntin (202), Foxy (202), LaDonna (201), Eazi (199), Lady Diva (196), Jazzbo (190), Globe and DC (178), and Jeezy Sparta (159).

In the Power Soca category there was no repeat success for Mr. Hype, he had to settle for number four position, scoring only 221 points with his Chook Something. Instead the stage had to be made clear for radio DJ, former Junior Calypsonian, MC and now soca artiste, the ever popular Sugar Bowl, who sweetened the contest with his “What you gonna do” hit selection.

Sugar Bowl amassed 249 points on his way to the Power Soca Monarchy, leaving again, Mr. Mention behind, but not too far this time, on 246 points to cop a second First Runner-up spot on the night. Mention’s “power Up” was just not enough to generate the extra energy needed to pull off a victory.

In third place (Second Runner-up) was Mr. Bagnal, on 242 points with his “Mash it Up”. Had he managed just 8 more points he could have become a double winner of both categories.

Others left to reflect on their unsuccessful bid are Jazzbo (208), Delly Ranks, (201), Mr. World (199), Stadics (190), Jeezy Sparta (183), Richie Buntin (183), Fantastic Tunda and Foxy both on 179 points.

The attention now turns to the Miss Talented Teen Pageant, slated for Saturday, 20th December, at the same venue.


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