I DON’T: Ne-Yo Shoots Down Engagement Rumors…But The Baby Is Still On The Way

Ne-Yo took to his twitter account to set the record straight…again…after reports flew across the web that he and Monyetta Shaw were expecting their second child and getting married.

It turns out…Monyetta is indeed pregnant, but the couple has no plans to marry.  In his statement, he says that Monyetta doesn’t have a “rep” and whomever gave those reports to the media was a liar.

Ok twit fam. To put all rumors to rest. Not engaged but am expecting second child. Mo has no rep. The person claiming to rep her lied.

Thanx for the interest in my personal. Know that the day I DO decide to take that step you will hear it from the horse’s mouth. Much love

Thanks for clearing that up Ne-Yo.  Even though it sounds like Monyetta might have put out a statement herself in hopes of it actually happening.


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