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“I got along well with everyone” says Miss Congeniality Orngel Erskine

The winner of the Congeniality award is chosen by fellow contestants as the person who they feel is most friendly. Even though this award does not carry any points, it places the individual in a positive light, as they are seen as helpful, caring and a leader.

Erskine who also placed in the top five said, “It feels great winning that award. It showed me that I am really a team player.”

Orngel believes that she was chosen by the other contestants because they saw her as a naturally friendly person.

 “I guess it’s because I got along well with everybody. I demonstrated sportsmanship and great leadership skills.” said National Carnival Queen Erskine, adding,  “When it was time to go out, I would say let’s go and get ready and was often the one who started the excitement.”

Orngel believes it is important for people to display some form of congeniality toward others and commented, “It is very important for persons to be very friendly, because you may not know if that person might be your future boss. You don’t know if that person might be the one to help you when you fall.”

The National Carnival Queen had an important message for the people of the federation. She said, “We must learn to live together as one – be friendly to our fellow Kittitians and Nevisians, because we might not know what might happen to us in the future.”

Orngel ended by saying “It is always important to build friendships with people, even if you don’t know them, because strangers tend to become family at a point in time.”

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