I have come home to serve

Family!!….Family!!!!….I have come home. I have come home to complete the dream team. Tonight the circle is unbroken. I have come home to serve you. I am now completely in your hands. After this rally tonight and we would leave constituency 6, all of us will be able to shout “It is finished. It is done. It is over. A new day is born. A fresh start has begun.”

Tonight we pitch our gaze beyond the stars.


They thought they could have stopped me…But I am here.


Since a year and a half ago, when they heard that I had accepted to serve as your Representative in this great constituency of Number 6, they called me in instantly. And they told me they have sworn testimony (sworn Testimony) that I have been campaigning for a political party. They told me that, as a Teacher, I am civil servant and I should not be campaigning and I must resign or they will fire me. But others were campaigning too and they were working for the government…but they did not fire them. Why the discrimination?!!


But, Thank God, tonight I have come. And I stand before you, first as aLover of God whom I serve and honor and respect and whose principles I live by. And secondly, as a Lover of Country


And I am delighted to tell you that I am the PROUD, YOUNG, FRIENDLY, VIBRANT, ENERGETIC and FRESH CANDIDATE for TEAM UNITY and I am seeking to be the next Representative for Constituency Number Six after the next General Elections.

And I am happy!!


And I humbly ask for your support in this regard. I will never let you down.

I am man just like you. Born from the bowels of poverty. Born into a single-parent home. Born into hardship. Born into the agriculture life. At the tender age of 10, I cut sugarcane just like many of you. I worked the ground and planted food in saddlers mountain and picked mangoes and up Houston. I know what it is to walk barefoot or with mashdown shoes. And I still wear mash down shoes.


But from a tender youth, my mother, who was a single-parent, took me to church and I learned the good lessons of life….i’ve learned discipline and hard work and honesty and integrity. And I have learned, through my mother, that I should not sell my soul to the devil for thirty pieces of silver. I learned to love and to share for we are our brothers keeper! FAMILY!!!!


That’s why when I run my campaign, I will run a campaign of all-inclusiveness. I will not pass anyone by. I will not overlook anyone regardless of color, status, wealth, power, religion or political affiliation (whether you support PAM, PLP, NIP, Labour), as your representative in government, I will listen to you and I will work for you and I will fight for you.  I practiced this as a Pastor, I practiced this as a Teacher. And I will practice this as a Politician too!! I give you my word.


This political tribalism is too dangerous. It is too destructive. “oh me a labour, oh me are pam,” It is destroying families, its destroying relationships, its destroying our country!!

That’s why I support UNITY!!……..TEAM   UNITY!!!



Team Unity supports everyone and will look after every. Team Unity stands for fairness for one and fairness for all. No discrimination. No victimization. Whosever will may come and be blessed. Bring your hurt from 30 years ago, bring your disappointment from 5 years ago and team Unity will fix it. I will ensure that Team Unity fixes it!!


A new era has opened up in this land. A new dispensation has been revealed. Where in the Caribbean or where on earth could you find three parties, voiding themselves of their own philosophies, voiding themselves of their own ideologies and their own personal ambition to come together to come together and survive the onslaught and attacks of the naysayers, and criticizers and and doubters and after two long years on the war path team unity is still standing strong today!!!


TEAM UNITY must be God”s gift to this country. IT must be God”s way of bringing relief to the poor in this constituency. It must be God’s way of providing a climate for nurturing the ideas of the small business owner in st pauls and giving him or her scope to transform his small ideas into a massive enterprise.


IT must be God’s way of restoring democracy. Our democracy has been thrown to the dogs and to the hogs. We have gone back to the time of slavery. We have resorted to the era of Plantocracy. It is no longer the will of the people,  but the will of the Master. Obey and you be rewarded, disobey and you will not share the fruit of your own labour and all your rights and privileges will be curtailed.


This is a paradigm shift in the politics of st kitts-nevis for the upward mobility of our citizens. Three parties coming together to form one. A UNITY that can be trusted. Different but Together. (Together for better) Diverse but United. And there is strength in our Diversity.


Three parties:

The Peoples Labour Party (PLP) – with Dr Harris and Sam. Two men who bring to bear over 40yrs of political experience and public service. Seasoned men. Stable men. Honourable men. Men of integrity. Men who are true to duty as the needle to the pole. Men who would stand for right and justice though the heaven’s fall.


People’s Action Movement – with its track record of rescuing this country from British Colonialism and brining us into full Statehood. Now… St. Kitts-Nevis is a nation among nations and we have a seat around the table with our name tag at the office of the United Nations. Thank God for Dr Kennedy Alphonse Simmonds. So when the present prime minister, dr douglas, goes to the united nation, and he goes and sits down, and he starts to wiggle his bottom, and put his hands on the arm rest…and he says to himself “this feels good”…let him remember its dr simmonds who put him there!!


PAM brought development and prosperity to this country.


PAM IS NOT DEAD nor has it gone anywhere. But it has just given way to the dreams and vision of Team Unity which are the dreams vision of the people of St kitts and Nevis.


And then we have The Concerned Citizens Movement – with the honorable vance amory, a true statesman and very knowledgeable leader who believes in good governance.


And who does not want the sheriff (2x), the honorable mark Brantley, that intelligent man, that man who Douglas is afraid of.


Tim – The leader

These three parties have come together under the leadership of a good man who knows how to deliver and has delivered and will continue to deliver to this country…the honourable Dr Timothy Harris. Look at him…the man is a BIG man. A tall strong strapted man…he does not have to make any noise for you to see him. Yet when he speaks, his voice is powerful. This man naturally commands respect. Respect is not a luxury for him to crave after. It is just an inheritance of his personality.



Brothers and Sisters….This constituency is a great constituency.

This constituency houses the first towns ever in St kitts!!

We have been blessed with vast expanses of rich, productive, arable land. The most fertile land on the island.


Our seas are rich with food.


Our young people are our best resource and the best guarantee of our future. They are vibrant, innovative, ideological, positive, aspiring, hard workers.


But this constituency has grown too little. We can hardly boast that we have achieved our aspiration.We have given so much, we have received so little. This is an unfair exchange.

This constituency has become a barricaded society. We are barricaded by fear. We are barricaded by dependency and we are barricaded by poverty of mind, body and soul.


And we have been told that there is only one person that can lead us. This is the biggest lie that has ever been told to a loving, caring and honest people.  We can no longer be fooled. Tonight, Constituency six has wisened up.


Imagine, how could this government neglect this constituency?? Who ever gave them permission to do that?


Imagine, we have two representatives in this outgoing Government to represent us. Outgone Senator Nigel Carty from Saddlers and outgone Member of Parliament, Denzil Douglas from St Pauls. And yet constituency six is the most neglected of all constituencies. Imagine we are only remembered and showered with gifts at election time. I imagine that we are treated as chattel most of the time for the majority of the life of the outgone government. But we deserve better representation. Representation that cares about every one, all year round in season and out of season, morning noon and night.


All the outgone government has done for the past twenty years is to relegate this constituency to quick fixes. We don’t want no quick fix in number 6!!

– St Pauls, they run around quick to you and give you a daycare center. That daycare center was promised to you almost 20 yrs ago. Why did they take so long to bring it to you? They are from among you. They say they are your family. They say they love you. They see you struggling to force all your children to fit into that match box center round the turning. And they did nothing about it. Why….Why now that the elections are here, they scrape through with daycare center for you? Quick fix!!   We don’t any quick fix in number six. But, I guess that is their parting gift to you.


– They run round quick to Dieppe bay and open a post office…and they build the post office so fast that they even turned it wrong. They turned the Post Office backward!!… Put all kinds of nice stone work and marble on the front side of it but when you drive through dieppe bay you cant see it…because they turned the front to the back and the back to the front. You cannot walk on the main road and tell if the post office is open or closed.

The beauty of Dieppe bay is seen from the main road. Tourists can see the beauty of Dieppe Bay when they drive through its main street. All the important buildings face the road and you can tell what they are.

–        Shops face the road

–        Churches face the road

–        The Bakery faces the road

–        The homes face the road

–        Even the clock at station street face the road

But…the Post Office, the back is turned to the road and the front is turned to the mountain…so the elderly people have to mount the hill by the bus stop and walk all around if they want to collect their pension.

Quick fix!!


Ladies and gentlemen, Douglas has failed this constituency!!

– Gone up saddlers and cleared off one big hell-a-was a spot of land by the school to say build homes for people. Now all the grass is grown back up.


 I get mad when I see whole 350 acres of land,  been robbed from the people of Dieppe bay under the guise of building a horse track. For two years now, not one horse has run on that track. One man, who is not even from Dieppe bay, not even from this constituency, gained so much land. Rich cane land, good for our farmers of Dieppe bay to grow their crop. And now we have been told it is now sold again to some Russian.


Infrastructurally this community lacks development. Dieppe Bay and Parson don’t have any decent playground for our young men to engage themselves in good healthy friendly sporting activity that would help them to flex their muscles and relieve their stress.

The ball field in saddlers is just a wide open space of grass. It has no fence. Saddlers Secondary School, beside it, cannot charge an entrance fee when they hold their Sports Day on the ball field. And when they ask the Ministry of sports to assist, the Ministry says it will cost too many millions of dollars.


Douglas has failed us the good people of number six.

He is a medical doctor, and people in this constituency are sick for years. And he has done nothing to help. Maho from Newton Ground, paralyzed for years…stuck to a wheel chair. Begging the government to send him for an MRI to see if he can have corrective surgery. He keeps crying out for help but douglas is not hearing.


I will never give you a deaf ear! I will be on the job 24/7 for you. I will look after you and take care of you.


As I seek to serve you, I intend to transform this constituency into the pristine beauty and unequalled importance it had in the past. These are my ideas, plans and projections in the following areas of development.



1.    Duty-free concessions for teachers

2.    Complete the construction of Saddlers Secondary School.

3.    Introduce electrical engineering, construction technology, computer engineering to make Saddlers Secondary School the “go-to” center of Technology of teenagers on the island.

4.    Construct an Adult Education center operated by retired teachers in Parson’s Village.

5.    Introduce drumming, music, drama in the primary school curriculum

6.    Make the school meals more palatable and nutritious for our children


1.    Re-build the pier in Dieppe Bay to facilitate import and export between St Martin, St Eustatius, and other closely surrounding ports.

2.    Provide more incentives and concessions on fishing gear and equipment, boat engines and materials for building and repairing boats.

3.    Construct proper facilities for fishermen to dock and secure their boats in Dieppe Bay.

4.    Refurbish and expand the Fishermen’s Cooperative Building in Dieppe and install water supply and deep freeze facility.

5.    And I want to see an annual Fishing Festival and Tournament to celebrate the contribution of our fishermen.




1.    Ensure that sugar workers get their portion of the 16 million dollar severance pay denied them by the current government.

2.    Lease the lands on the out skirts of St. Paul’s to farmers for crop production at a manageable cost.

3.    Improve the existing roads that lead to hillside farms in all communities within the constituency and build new roads where there are none.

4.    Introduce modern approaches to young farmers who wish to practice hydroponics and other forms soil-less agriculture.

5.    Construct at least one major Agro-processing factory which will provide employment for our young people and be a leading exporter of manufactured agricultural products to the neighboring islands.



1.    Re-open the National Bank in Saddlers – top priority

2.    Open a gas station within the vicinity of White Gate

3.    Transfer of Fast Food franchises to the countryside. These include KFC, and McDonalds, Pizza Place.



1.    Construct a proper indoor and outdoor Sporting Complex at Caines’ Pasture to serve both parsons and Dieppe Bay. It will accommodate sports including basketball, netball, tennis…

2.    A real amusement center with activities for all ages – a bowling center, a skating ring, a games arcade, swings, ponies, and slides.



1.    Re-Open a pharmacy in St Pauls.

2.    Establish a prenatal counseling and birthing center in Newton Ground to help expecting mothers within and without the constituency to prepare for delivery.

3.    Organize Breast and Cervical Cancer Support groups within the Constituency.




I am Ready!!

Just a message for my Spanish friends…


(Y para nuestros hermanos y hermanas dominicanos, yo digo que El Equipo de La Unidad esta pensando de ustedes y estamos preparando para ustedes. Nos alegramos que ustedes estan aqui. Y vamos a hacer todo lo que es necesario para guardarles aqui. Les amamos. Cuidamos para ustedes. Voten para nosotros y su vida sera mejor.)


The stakes are before you. The future of this country and the future of your children are in your hands. I urge every constituent of number six and every citizen of st kitts and nevis to take this election seriously!!

Go out and vote!! Vote intelligently. Vote your conscience!! Vote on the side of justice and fairness. Vote for democracy. Vote for Morality. Vote for a better future for your children and grandchildren. Vote for a NEW DIRECTION in this country!!


And to those of you from number six who have registered to vote in other constituencies. Let me warn you about continued corruption!. DO NOT GO TO VOTE IN ANY OTHER CONSTITUENCY!!  


Number six will not be a rogue constituency. We will not be a lawless constituency. Do not let the whole country and the world view us that way. Your vote belongs to number 6. Number 6 business is No. 6 business. On Election Day, constituency six will vote constituency six. On Election Day constituency six will be honest. On Election Day, constituency six vote for the future.


Let me tell you all straight up…I will not play dirty politics!! I will elevate the conversation. When we elevate the conversation we elevate our people.

I am not here to curse the darkness, I’m here to light a candle!!

I challenge you to move from

–        Tyranny to triumph

–        Past to the future

–        victimization to victory

–        from fear to fearlessness

Douglas has had his fill, he wants to rule us still.


I am here to serve you, not over-rule you.  And because I trust you, I am putting my faith and my future into your hands .


I am the man for you

I will stand up for you

I will fight for you

I will visit you at your homes and I know more about you..not just your names and  your situation.


I will answer you when you call. I will never say “come back” but I will tell you “come in”.

I will listen to your ideas, your opinions, your feelings and your hurts and I will always act on your behalf and your best interest

I will pray for you


Hold my hand, walk with me, talk with me, work with me…give me the honor of serving you, give me your vote. As your next representative, your vote will count.

By the grace of GOD ALMIGHTY, We will work together and I WILL NEVER DISAPPOINT YOU.


Let us rise and take back our country.




Song: Lean on Me.



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