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‘I Love Festival’ – New Community Festival to come on Stream


Kevin Donovan, commonly known as Masud Sadiki– CEO of Pull Factor Entertainment, in an exclusive interview with explained that they are still in the planning process for the festival, which will be a four-day event slated to commence in the last week of February.

“The idea is to bring fun and family-orientated entertainment throughout the surrounding communities. Some of these events that will be included in the festival will be beauty pageants, calypso competition, J’ouvert, a fun day and anything that is related to bringing people together,” Donovan explained.

Why host a community festival in February? Masud was asked. “The name speaks for itself he explained,” adding that they are, “hoping to get the festival started by the end of February.”

“We are in a rush against time but we are definitely going to present something for the planned date and hope to make it an annual event where it can be better every year,” he further revealed.

The CEO went on to state that they have been planning for the festival since last year and to date, they have not yet acquired any major sponsors, but are still in negotiations with some potential donors. “However, our aim is to still present the planned event to the public,” he stated.

“The people of the community always look forward to the Pull Factor Entertainment to bring to them quality events. My business partner Akeem Samuel and I have been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and that is one of the best ways to bring across a lot of messages to the communities. Our festival, as we say, is a love festival and so it’s about bringing people together through music and the different types of art forms,” Donovan said in conclusion.



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