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I Love Pink Day

Of recent times also, new allies have come to the support of the more recognized organizations that have been leading the fight for many years. These new allies have included various groups, some in business, and now the St. Kitts Teachers Union, which has dubbed Friday 26th October, “I Love Pink Day”.
The Gender Committee of the St. Kitts Teachers Union has decided to collaborate with Essence of Hope Foundation, to launch the campaign that essentially is seeking to encourage the entire nation to wear something pink on Friday 26th October, in support of persons affected by Breast Cancer throughout our federation.
A spokesperson for the union has also issued an invitation to members of the public in St. Kitts to join them for the annual Walk of Hope, on Saturday 27th October, beginning at the Caribbean Cinema’s Parking Lot at 6:00am and climaxing at the 2nd Round-About in Frigate Bay.
There has been growing concern in the country during the past 10-15 years over the number of citizens who have been suffering from cancer; many of whom have died.
Much of the effort of the Breast Cancer groups therefore have centered on awareness and a drive to get more males and females to get regular medical examinations, especially for prostate and breast cancer.
Some groups have also provided funding to women to help them cover the associated expenses for mammograms. Too many questions remain, as residents here try to uncover the sources that have been responsible for the increasing cases of this incurable disease. Others have opined that it is time for local health officials to initiate a formal study, to help determine the reasons why so many nationals are being inflicted.



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