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ICCS Gets Donation from Harper’s

 School officials have indicated that pieces of electronic equipment were bestowed by Harper’s Office Depot, including a projector, portable screen and a digital camera. 

The gifts were made possible after having informal meetings with Business & Development Manager, of the ICCS, Krista James, and the management of Harpers, about advancements that the school is pursuing. 

Since the arrival of the new equipment, the school’s administration has instituted controlled measures to avoid abuse, while still making them easily accessible to the students. 

James said the teachers have a ‘time-out sheet’ to record all users and to ensure advanced bookings are done to use the projector and screen, and the digital camera. Students using the equipment are expected to be engaged in multi-media presentations, such as PowerPoint Presentations and video production that cover topics in the curriculum. This, it is felt, would also help to make training/learning sessions more interesting. The camera will also be used to archive events that are held at the school. 

James told during an exclusive interview, that technology is bound to be a part of the children’s future, so it would only be wise if it is introduced to them during their school life. 

“Instead of seeing them struggle with learning later in life, it is advisable to give them a basic idea of the technological reforms, “Krista stated. 

She admitted however that the technology being used today is somewhat expensive and so that is why such donations, like that from Harper’s is so greatly appreciated.  The ICCS continues to be the beneficiary of immense support from local businesses, said James. 

All events are uploaded to the school’s website to keep parents and other members of the community involved in all activities of the institution and the camera, especially, would assist those efforts. 

The items were presented to the ICCS Student Council, at Harper’s Office Depot. Presentation was done by the General Manager of Harper’s, Giselle Matthews and IT Manager of Dotcom, Derek Liburd.  Members of the Student Council Executive Committee were eager to receive the new technological equipment. A pledge was made to treat the equipment with respect and to take proper care of them so that all present students of ICCS and future ones will be able to reap the many benefits. 

The administration, staff, students and the whole school community have extended a heartfelt thanks to Harper’s Office Depot for their generous donation and their continued support of the school, on their continued journey of providing the students of the Federation with a high quality educational experience, expressed the official.

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