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I’m no racist! Announcer sacked by Cricket Australia for alleged Panesar slur denies any wrongdoing

CA said Nixon, who works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) but had been hired by the sporting body for match-day duties in Alice Springs, was dismissed for “inappropriate conduct”.

However, the announcer defended himself on Monday and repeated to ABC what he claims he said during commentary.

‘”There’s a change of bowler at the Traeger Avenue end… it’s Montyyy!” That was it,’ he said.

‘I fail to see how anyone could interpret my introduction of Monty Panesar as racial slurring.’

Nixon added: ‘Someone has seen the opportunity for a screaming headline, including the words “Alice Springs” and “racism”…and included the ABC and hit the jackpot.

‘There’s been no one who’s been presented as the source of the story.’

The England and Wales Cricket Board made it clear on Saturday evening that no complaint about Nixon had come from the tourists.

He recalled that he was stood down by a CA representative as he made his way back to the announcer’s box after lunch.

‘She said “your style conflicts with ours, so we’ve relieved you for the afternoon”,’ he added.

CA will make no further comment until a review of the incident is completed.

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