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Important to show appreciation for work of police, says Commissioner

Commissioner CG Walwyn’s comments came during an Award and Lecture Presentation held at the Police Training Complex on Tuesday, 17th December, 2013.

Walwyn shared the view that it is very important to recognize the hard work of the officers during the past year.

“People have a tendency to work better, work harder, work smarter if they feel there is a reward attached to the work they are doing. In order to keep our officers motivated we must always show appreciation for the work…  By acknowledging their work publicly, they have a sense of shared value where they actually … see management appreciates what they’re doing,” said the Commissioner.

Five officers were recognized from District “A” (the Basseterre area to Cayon including Frigate Bay). Eleven officers from District “B” (West Farm to Lodge) received commendations while District “C” on the sister island of Nevis saw 16 officers awarded. The awardees were nominated by their supervisors.

A number of special awards were also presented by the Anti-Crime Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister. These went to Constable Julian Morrishaw and Technician John Caines who were identified as the most “dutiful employees at the Basseterre Police Station” as they serve in the communications field. Recognition also went to the Cayon Police Station, Sergeant Carla Wallace and the Tabernacle Police Station, Woman Inspector Rosemary Isles and the Stapleton Police Station, while the Frigate Bay Police Station earned Outstation of the Year.

Most Committed Unit went to the Delta Squad under the command of Sergeant Donna Henderson. Most Improved Unit was identified as the Special Victims Unit and the Criminal Investigation Department was awarded Unit of the Year. Other Units recognized were Drug Squad, Tourism Oriented Police Service Unit as well as the White Collar Crime Unit.

Recruits Kyle Dunrod and Danny Isles received special commendations for rescuing a driver after her vehicle overturned on the Bay Road.

“These recruits are examples of what police officers should be,” stressed Commissioner Walwyn. “We have a motto in this country that says ‘Country Above Self’ and this was exhibited by these two officers. We had a citizen in need and they not only served but protected and for this we are naming these two officers as Officers of the Year.”

After the ceremony, the police chief explained “we never take our officers for granted, we never take the work that they are doing for granted. We know that sometimes they make personal sacrifices in the line of duty and we always want to acknowledge the hard work that they are doing.”

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