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Improved Performance for SKN Agriculture Sector

According to the report sent to, Agricultural output is estimated to have expanded during the first six (6) months of 2010 relative to the out turn in the corresponding period of 2009. Crop production increased by 5.9% in contrast to a decline of 5.4% recorded in the first half of 2009. The expansion in the period under review was driven by increases in pumpkin, carrot and peanut production. The livestock subsector production increased by 2.1%, buoyed by growth of 3% in the output of eggs, while large decreases were recorded in the production of mutton and beef.

Meanwhile, Senior Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris said he was very pleased to have independent confirmation that the agricultural sector is moving in the right direction.

“For the second quarter in a row the ECCB has reported that we are producing more. Let me therefore congratulate the farmers and their families, their financial supporters, customers and my own department of agriculture on this positive development. I trust that this trend will continue.”

Minister Harris further noted, “We can achieve even greater success if we proceed in a systematic way to deal with the constraints facing the sector, critical among these constraints are damages to crops by feral animals including monkeys, wild boars and stray cattles, inadequate water management systems, low utilization of technology and inadequate financial support.”

Dr Harris said that working with allied institutions, the Ministry of Agriculture was now seeking to implement programmes to address some of these constraints.  “I expect in 2011 to solve some of these problems faced by the farmers, thereby enhancing their contribution to food security and sovereignty,” he said.

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