In the land of the blind


What is baffling to the people of this Federation is the unprincipled and undemocratic way in which the Speaker has dodged this principle which is dear to our constitution and democratic way of life.

It is not tabled in the House because the ruling Labour Party fears that it will not win the vote and has to go back to the poles to get a majority to continue its nefarious policies and programs which brought this Nation to its economic knees. It will take some time before the country can again operate in an environment which is fair to all the citizens of this Federation.

In order to understand the basic principles under which a Government should operate it is simple to examine the acts if this administration and the element of fear and mistrust it exhibits to the nation. The recent programs which were revealed to the public by the SIDF through the National Bank leaves an element of confusion and shows that not enough thought has been given to this exercise.

For example, the Graduate Relief Assistance Program which encourages a student with an existing loan to borrow up to EC$500,000.00 for 30 years at 6% will put the student under a financial burden which when one is just out of college and thinking about the future and perhaps graduate studies.

The purpose of this exercise is to pretend that the Government cares and has a policy to enhance the welfare of the young students and their families. In a poor country with all the relevant burdens which the country is burdened it would be better to look closely at the current needs.

For example the health service needs revamping and money should be spent not only on Molineux hospital which leaks and is lacking in basic facilities and medication but the general hospital needs serious attention and the services provided rectified and brought up to this decade in terms of quality and application. This begs the question of why should a poor nation such as St. Kitts and Nevis be repaying the IMF early whilst there are needs in this country which require financial attention.

The Basseterre High School building still has to be repaired and some long term plans are speedily introduced as to the direction and development of this institution. It is clear that the Minister of Education is so impoverished in thought and his own self-importance that he is devoid of ideas and apparently is deaf to those who could and should advise him.         

Education is critical in any country. The Nation cannot develop and move on without this aspect of its development. The secrecy which surrounds the application selection of those awarded scholarships in this Federation should be discontinued.

This is a reward for all the citizens of this Federation and should not be left to a selected few whose parents are seen to be supporters of the ruling political party. Education is the very basic element which drives a Nation and enhances the development of all the people.

We cannot and should not in this modern society be selecting persons for scholarships based on their parent’s perceived political preference. The Long term development and growth is not determined by one’s political preference but by the collective input of all the people in this Federation.

When one examines what has taken place at Kittitian Hill, with the vast financial input from this Federation and the vast amount of technical, administrative and financial staff available not only in St. Kitts but from the region, it is amazing that only white people seem to be suitable for employment in the productive sectors of that project. This is not acceptable and should not be tolerated by any future administration.

The creation and development of any country depends on the attitude of its political directorate. For too long we as a Nation have lived under the rulings of a political party with little direction as to the growth and development of its people.

For too long the citizens of this nation have suffered long and hard under the mismanagement of a Labour administration led solely by Dr. Denzil Douglas who is led by white people and a few misguided Kittitians who have benefitted and lived high on the fruits of the peoples labour and have contributed only to the sufferings of the meek and mild.

It is time that this Nation rises and takes a bold step towards its own independence and deliverance. As is often stated by those who understand the basics, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.






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