Inception team admits issues, promises to do better

Team Inception Chairman Anthony Johnson explained that the challenges encountered during the fete resulted from their own success with the event.

“The event actually has truly evolved, and it evolved to the extent that the attendance was larger than we would have in our wildest dreams expected.  So there was certain logistical challenges, which resulted from the larger attendance,” Johnson disclosed.

The 2014 edition all-night fete was riddled with problems, including limited drinks, limited signature cups and microphone problems, to name a few challenges that plagued the event.

“The fact that the bars were not large enough to accommodate each of the patrons getting their supplies in a timely manner that was one of the main difficulties,” said Johnson. “The shortage of the cups, to some extent, was over blown as the vast majority of patrons on the night got cups, and we saw persons with two and three cups around their waist,” Johnson said.

He believes that only a small amount of persons were discomforted because of a shortfall of the signature cups on the night of the event, while making a public apology for mishaps during the event. According to Anthony, this is one area they will be looking at while they plan for the 2015 event.

However, there was a comment of displeasure voiced by popular Jamaican entertainer Spice, when she was restricted because there was no cordless microphone for her to perform in the crowd.

Johnson indicated that it was due to a hectic preparation that saw the individual, who was delegated with the responsibility for sound, leaving the microphone at home, which according to Anthony is not a frequent occurrence.

 Moreover, Anthony pointed out that with the success of the Inception Fete and several slip ups in 2014, they have now added a number of new faces to their committees who are expected to bolster the fete.

“Generally speaking, as far as the technical side is concerned…we have brought on board somebody who will be dealing specifically with that in the person of Trent Sargeant. We have recognized that production is a key area, and there were certain shortfalls in that area,” Johnson admitted.    

Compared to previous years, learned that many persons expressed disappointment with the December 2014 show.


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