Independence Best Village Competition gets its launch

Ministry of Tourism Assistant Secretary Diannille Taylor-Williams, who heads the Best Village Competition Committee, disclosed that registration is now open to communities for the competition that will be judged on November 2.

The competition is divided into two broad areas for the Best Village Award and for the Individual awards. The Village Award segment is sub-divided into seven categories – Best Sustainability Programme, Best Community Culture Spot, Best Clean and Green Area, Best Kept Neighbourhood, Best Kept Street, Best Home Garden and Junior Best Village. For the Individual Awards, the judging will be in four categories, Best Community Entertainment Spot, the Best Village Grandparent, Best Village Shop and the Best People’s Project.

For the purposes of the competition the, St. Kitts has been divided into 40 areas and will compete against each other under the tagline ‘Closer, Cleaner Communities’.

According to Taylor-Williams, the aim, in keeping with the Independence theme is to work toward “a stronger nation built on closer, cleaner communities”. She said, “The idea is to encourage a sense of pride in our environment and cultural heritage through cohesive community engagement.”

Interestingly, the Best Sustainability Programme involves community members making pledges to address some social, environmental or health issue that is common in St. Kitts. Taylor-Williams explained, “In order to prove these pledges are being made and honoured, individuals, families and groups must display pledges publicly, on the Independence Facebook page, as well as post them in community centers.”

Another important component is the Junior Best Village competition, which is designed for young people between ages 8 and 18. Project ideas are open, but they will be judged for creativity, relevance and attractiveness.

Individuals and groups can obtain details of the competition by calling 467-1390 or by sending a request to email


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