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Indian businessman brings CPL franchise to SKN


Speaking exclusively with, Minister of Sport Glenn Phillip indicated that there would be no new franchises for the 2015 edition of the games, but he said that the team that would be based in St. Kitts and Nevis is an existing one that would be switching territories.


He explained that of the six territorial teams, four of those franchises were not sold, and Indian businessman Uday Niac bought a franchise and asked specifically for it to be based in the Federation.


“A businessman by the name of Uday Niac, who is the managing director of the Yu Lounge, is the owner of the team that will be based here in St. Kitts,” Minister Phillip explained.

Citing sports tourism as important to the economy, Phillip said the franchise would help drive economic activity and support the use of cricket facilities in the Federation, including the Warner Park Cricket Stadium.


Unlike 2014 where the government, through the Ministry of Sports Ministry and the Sports Department, purchased the rights to host nine matches in the tournament, including the semi-finals and finals, the same would not be done for the 2015 edition.


Phillip explained that because the Federation will have a team in the competition, home games must be played. As a result, the Federation would be hosting 10 matches in this year’s tournament.


According to Phillip, there were several applicants interested in purchasing the team, and he noted that it was CPL’s decision to select Uday as the owner of the team after a rigorous vetting process. 


Further, he disclosed that the St. Kitts franchise would have the first pick in the draft when the window opens for player selection on each team.

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