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Infant Tragedy

It was around 12:30 p.m. that Dave Searles discovered his five-month old son, Ethan Stevens David Searles, dead in his car seat.

The infant’s seat was in the back of a car driven by his father, which was parked next to the “Diva Hair World and Barbershop” where the father is reported to work as a barber.

Police said the baby lived at, Cemetery Lane, St. Peter.

One lawman said the parents were taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital traumatised.

When the Barbados TODAY team arrived on the scene, a large crowd was gathered, some were visibly shocked by the event. The area was cordoned off and police kept the onlookers at bay.

One woman in the nearby Grant’s Shop, who preferred to be anonymous, said that they were alerted to the death when they heard Searles standing next to the car screaming.

“We just heard the screaming and we didn’t know what was gine on,” she said.

Police leaving the tragic scene this afternoon (5th December 2012), stated, “He is a very nice fellow, that is all I could tell you – a very nice fellow and he love he children. I does see he interacting with the children and thing because he does cut my grandchild hair,” another woman added.

Acting Public Relations Officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force, Sergeant Roland Cobbler, said that preliminary investigations revealed that the baby was left for an extended period of time in the car and may have suffocated as a result of that situation.

The maximum temperature recorded today ((5th December 2012) was 30.0 degrees Celsius.

Police drove away Searles’ car from the scene after the baby’s body was removed.

Based on the circumstances of the incident, Cobbler urged and reminded parents that as they went about their business during the Christmas season to be mindful of the fact that outside was very hot and if they are going to travel with their children not to leave them unattended for an extended period of time especially if they are going to have the vehicle closed.

(Re-printed from Barbados Today Online)




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