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Injunction Remains – Court Adjourned In Boundaries Case

Arguments were heard from both sides with the government represented by some four (4) QC’s plus other junior lawyers. The claimants, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris, the Hon. Mark Brantley, the Hon. Shawn Richards and the Hon. Eugene Hamilton, were represented by Senior Counsel Douglas Mendez.

New Unity Leader, Dr. Harris, said in an interview afterwards, “it is a very good outcome for the Unity Team and we are happy with the course of events. I believe arguments of bias and lack of consultation presented by Senior Counsel Mendez were cogently and brilliantly presented to the court and we are confident that our case was well served by having the senior counsel of our choice. We in Unity, of course, are pleased the injunction remains in place and contend that it is higly irresponsible of this illegitimate government to force a battery of four (4) QCs plus other lawyers on the backs of the people who continue to suffer in these hard economic times. This is especially troubling given the state of our finances, the high indebtedness of the country, the fact that we have to borrow $228 million from the IMF, which we must commence repaying in 2014, and the fact that the government was so broke that it defaulted on its bond payments and forced many entities and individuals to lose their hard earned moneys. Let’s not forget that the National Bank had to write off $47 million of government debt this year, Social Security will lose some $30 million and other entities such as RBTT and the Methodist Church have also had to write off government debt.”

Dr. Harris concluded, “in due course, the people will have to make a determination whether it was in the public interest for the illegitimate Prime Minister to pursue this matter rather than do the right thing and call fresh elections so that the people can decide for themselves.

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